Mi-Dong E&C, since established in 1970,
has kept its pride strengthening its presence in the construction industry based on accumulated technology and sincerity earned at home and abroad...more
1. Stable financial structure
Mi-Dong E&C’s stable financial structure with the credit rating of A and debt ratio of 60% is the robust foundation for your projects.
2. Technological strength and quality from the 1970
Mi-Dong E&C’s technological strength, accumulated from the 1970, offers top-notch quality.
3. Know-how from over 500 projects
Mi-Dong E&C offers its know-how from over 500 projects to reduce any risk and deal with
any variables during your project.
4. Observation of construction period
Mi-Dong E&C has observed the construction periods of its projects.
5. Satisfaction of global customers through successful projects
By successfully fulfilling its projects, Midong E&C has satisfied its customers in Korea, the Middle East and the U.S. Government.
Dubai Metro Project
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